All new promos for the beginning of May at Bet365 Bingo

    On Wednesday 5th May the Weekly Special £365 game will commence in the Safari, Island Hopper, Cocktail Lounge and Jetsetter at Bet365 Bingo. The games begin at 9pm sharp so don’t be late! Break up the midweek gloom with and take part in one of the £365 Weekly Specials, tickets are just 25p and you can pre-buy them in the lobby if you think you might miss a game.

    On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May there are double points up for grabs for those of you who play the selected games at designated times. The game details will be revealed on the day so make sure you visit Bet365 Bingo and find out when these games are on. The Double Point Weekend is a regular thing this month so make sure you visit Bet365 every weekend for your chance to win lots of lovely points!

    Bet365 Bingo has one promotion you can’t beat and that’s their Free Daily Bingo! Free bingo games carry a Guaranteed £50 prize so tickets cost you nothing but you could come away £50 better off so what have you got to lose?! Check out the weekly calendar to see when the freebie games are playing and make sure you don’t miss out!
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