Astro Bingo The Site Where the Bingo Stars Play

    If you are a bingo star and you don’t play at Astro Bingo why don’t you pop your head in and take a look at this site. It is the site where the bingo stars play! It has been a while since I paid a visit to Astro Bingo and I have to admit it has changed, but it is looking really good, bright fresh and new and they are featuring some fantastic promotions.
    Air Time and Double Loop games must be played in the new Roller Coaster challenge, so play these games till August 19th. They have £5000 up for grabs in this game and this thrill ride will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can earn bonus money a Challenge Badge and a fiver for winning the final part of any of these games. Play between 6am and 1am and these games play twice an hour. You will find them in the Lucky Streak and Money Tree rooms and if you win them both you will also win the “Roller Coaster Challenge Badge” for your badge board.
    Take a shot at the Sky High progressive, this is an ongoing game at Astro Bingo. It also plays twice an hour in the Money Tree Room and when it starts out the prize is £500. This prize money increases and it increases every time the game plays, if you can win it early in 38 calls, all the prize money will be yours. If you can’t, every seven days, the ball call increases by one, so while this prize rockets skywards it becomes easier and easier to win. How high it will go is anyone’s guess, but to win you have to buy a bingo ticket and these will cost you 25p each. Aim for the stars, maybe the winner will be you?

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