Back 2 School time hits Beatle Bingo

    You might be thinking that the school holidays have only just started. Well, that’s as well as maybe. That doesn’t mean that you can’t gear up for the return of school, with Beatle Bingo’s Back 2 School Studies promotion.

    Pattern Bingo

    Between August 7 and August 20, you have the chance to win big cash prizes from Beatle Bingo. All you have to do is call bingo in the Bingo Buddies Room with specific patterns to earn points. The more points you bag, the larger your prize will be with this offer.

    back to school

    Earn Points

    Calling bingo on Pattern A will net you 2 points, whilst players will earn a point for calling bingo on Pattern B or Pattern C. Pre-buy to tickets to the special Exam Game, and you will earn another 2 points. Lastly, players can earn 3 points if they call bingo with Plus Pattern (Pattern +).

    Players who finish in eleventh to twentieth place will pocket 10 free spins and two tickets to the Exam Game. Finish in fifth to tenth place and you will get £25 in cash, plus 5 free tickets to the Exam Game. Finish second to fourth to earn a £50 cash prize, and land 10 free tickets to the Exam game. Lastly, if you finish first, you will be given a £100 cash prize, and earn 20 free tickets to the Exam Game.

    Exam Game

    The Exam Game takes place on August 31, at 8pm in the Exam Room. Players can compete in the game to win a share of a massive £1,500 in all.

    Join Today

    Only members of Beatle Bingo are going to be able to compete to win in this promotion. If you are want to be a part of it all, then sign up to Beatle Bingo today, to claim a 150% bingo bonus, and a 150% game bonus on your very first deposit.

    Beatle Bingo

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