Beacon Bingo MP, Slams Granny Tax

    Paying a visit to his constituency bingo club the Beacon in Weedon Road, St. James, the MP for Northampton South, Brian Binley, used this venue as a soap box to slam Granny Tax. There couldn’t be a more appropriate venue as far as I am concerned! It seems as though everything about bingo is taxed more than any other gambling activities. If you win on the bingo you pay 20%, but if you win on the horses from a bet placed in a High Street bookmaker you only pay 15%.

    Mr. Binley believes that bingo plays a useful supporting social role in the community, as many people do – in fact they do more good than many of the Governments social services. He commented that he had been to the local bingo hall on several occasions and has seen the type of social networks and friendships that come about. It is a warm and comfy place for older people who like to visit during the day and they can get a nice cup of tea and even a hot meal if they are alone and don’t feel like cooking for one. Bingo is a soft gambling activity, with the least of known gambling problems and yet Granny Tax is one of the highest rates of taxes. If taxes were fairer, the prizes could be higher which would encourage more people to play.

    In the meantime a nice big winner recently took an £11,023 prize at Beacon Bingo online, while playing Thors Thunder on their laptop in the lounge. She is also a member at the Beacon Cricklewood which is the largest bingo club in the world. She started playing bingo online just a few months ago, and obviously thinks it is flipping fantastic. Register at this site today and you can play bingo too, you can also play Thors Thunder if you like and you don’t need to wait for a seat to vacate to get your turn to play.

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