Beat the Banker at 888 Games

    I just can’t get enough of Deal or No Deal at 888 Games. I’m obsessed with the TV show – there’s nothing quite like the nailbiting tension as the contestants open the boxes.

    In the online version, there are 26 boxes to choose from. Choose your box carefully at the beginning of the game – it could contain a huge prize. If you like negotiating, then this is your perfect chance – the dastardly Banker will offer cash in return for your box. And best of all, this game is always horrifically tense and dramatic – don’t play if you’ve just had a manicure, because you will chew your nails right off.

    Keep on selecting the boxes until you are left with the last two. If you decide to tell the Banker where to go on his final offer, you get to open the final box you chose. Open it up, and an enormous £10,000 jackpot could be yours.

    My one gripe with online slot sites is that they’re not very generous, but at 888 Games, you get a FREE £5 no deposit bonus to play with, plus a very generous 100% deposit bonus. Now, if you’re feeling brave, sign up, grab that free cash, and prepare to do business with the Banker. Or maybe not.


    888 Games
    888 Games – Get £5 FREE!

    888 Games

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