Become a Self-Made Millionaire at Moon Bingo

    Become a self-made millionaire the easy way, thanks to Moon. This huge game plays on the third Thursday of every month, with tickets just 25p.  There is £1000 guaranteed, but in total, you can win £1 million.  Games like this get me really excited – in a matter of minutes, your life could be changed forever.

    While you’re playing at Moon, don’t forget to buy a few tickets for the £10,000 mega jackpot game.  Once again, tickets are exceptionally reasonable at just 30p each.  £10,000 is up for the taking, with £2000 guaranteed.

    And here’s a nice little offer – every week, and you can win £150 in supermarket vouchers.  The game plays on Tuesdays, and it’s called Supermarket Splurge.  Get the full house, and you’ll be winning either a Morrisons, Asda, or Sainsbury’s voucher. You can either spend it on those cupboard essentials, or splurge your cash on electronics or naughty treats – the choice is yours.

    As a new player at Moon, you get a £30 first deposit bonus. Providing you put £10 in your account, you will trigger a free cash windfall. Currently, there are only two varieties of games at Moon – 75 ball, and 90 ball, but the high quality of the software, and excellent chat games more than makes up for this.

    Moon Bingo

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