Bgo Bingo Race to a Red Letter Day

    Bgo Bingo big bonus bonanza

    Play at Bgo Bingo this month (pronounced bee-go) and you can win an extra jackpot prize if you call a full house in 37 balls or less. Play free bingo no deposit in the 75 ball room, and start collecting those patterns. If you are able to accrue 100 points or more, you’ll get a fat £20 bonus in your account, plus if you cover all the lucky patterns, you’ll win an extra 500 loyalty points. Each game has a £2 seeded jackpot, and cards cost 5p each. This actually makes the competition perfectly affordable.

    Three challenges, three great prizes

    This is one of my favourite competitions – if you complete the three challenges across the course of a week, you’ll qualify for some superb prizes. The challenges this week are – deposit £10, purchase 24 cards into a Super Jackpot game, and buy 12 cards into any Diamond Dreams game. The full house prize is an unforgettable Red Letter Experience day, two lines will bag you a Marks and Sparks luxury hamper, and one line win is Tasty Treat package. Get collecting, and get winning.

    Super slots tournament

    I am always a tad wary of slot tournaments – they may encourage you to spend more cash than you mean to, simply for trying to win a small amount of cash. Still, if it’s your thing, then try the Slots Extravaganza every day, where you could win a share of £100 in real cash. Every day, there is a new featured game, and the top three players will share a £100 prize.

    Cheeky chat games every day

    Chat games are a far more relaxing way to spend the time, and at Bgo Bingo, you can win bonus cash, real cash, and shopping vouchers. The fun kicks off in Fairy Delight from 9 AM with a game called Pitchfork. Choose a number between 1 and 90 as your pitchfork, and when it pops out of the machine, type PITCHFORK to win a £1 bonus.



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