Bingo Boudoir’s Team Bingo

    If you enjoy team sports and love your bingo why not combine the two and enjoy some Team Bingo at Bingo Boudoir. Choose up to three bingo buddies to be in your team and send you individual names and usernames to Bingo Boudoir at [email protected]
    If you’re new to the Bingo Boudoir site or haven’t yet made any friends tell Bingo Boudoir and they can find a team for you. Team Bingo is a great way to meet new people who you otherwise might not have spoken to and there’s also the matter of the rather large points prizes you can win in the process too!
    The aim of Team Bingo is to gain as many bingos across the month aiming for the top of the leaderboard. If there’s a tie for the top spot, the team who score the most bingos on the T pattern will be the overall winner.
    First prize for the top team is 1,000,000 LPs, second prize is 520,000 LPs, third prize is 200,000 LPs and fourth to tenth place will each receive 40,000 LPs which is not to be sniffed at!
    If you want to take part in team bingo you need to send your team’s details across by the 7th of each month so you’ve just missed out for April’s competition but if you can organise a team make sure you get your details across by 7th May and Good Luck!

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