Bingo Bulldog 10K Car or Cash Competition

    £10,000 Car or Cash promotion

    Forget being in the doghouse – you could be winning a £10,000 Car, if you play free bingo no deposit at Bingo Bulldog. To qualify, deposit three or more times to the value of £75, before February 28, 2014, and you’ll be entered into the kennel game. In here, there will be £2000 in free games, plus the £10,000 car prize. If that don’t get your tail wagging, nothing else will.

    Bruce’s £500 4U game

    Even more reasons to wag your tail – play between 6 PM and 8 PM Monday to Sunday, and you could be winning £500 free of charge. Collect the points and make a win on every line – keep an eye on the leaderboard, and if you finish in top place, you will win £500 in cash, and eight runners up will win 50 bonus bucks.

    Bingo Bulldog Party weekends

    Looking for a way to liven up the weekend? Head out to the garden and dig up a £10,000 bingo jackpot, with your new friend Bruce the Bulldog. In total, there will be five full house games every hour, with prizes between £1000 and £25. In total, Bruce is dishing out £80,000 in prizes – pre-buy and don’t miss it.

    Descending £1000 jackpots

    It’s time to get down with the dogs, thanks to the £1000 Descending Jackpots. In total, Bruce puts on a £24,000 spread, and you can win a huge amount of cash if you call house within 38 calls. Bulldogs have a tendency to drool, but Bruce is drooling overtime at the thought of all that lovely lolly 10 K car or Cash pattern.

    50% cashback competition

    You will be howling with delight with the 50% bonus rebate scheme at Bingo Bulldog– when your balance falls below £2, click the Rebate button before you deposit, and you’ll get 50% of your deposit back in bonuses. So get your puppies out, and join the Bingo Bulldog now for £40 free when you deposit £20.


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