Bingo Hollywood Takes One for the Team

    Taking one for the team is as good a reason as any for joining Bingo Hollywood, especially now that they have team bingo starting at this popular site. They are also giving away 2 million Star Points every week in this tourney so there is another 2 million good reasons for becoming a member. Star Points can be traded for free bingo games, and the first prize is 1 250 000 SP’s; share that between you and your team mates and you will be in the pound seats. The more freebies you get, the more chances you have to win and we all love a freebie. Click on the link at the site and get teamed up with your mates to play.

    Speaking of your mates, how about winning a stunning night out on the town? This is all courtesy of Bingo Hollywood and every month they have a star prize so winners can feel and be treated just like the stars they are. This month they have two prizes up for grabs so if you win, you and a mate could be wined and dined at Planet Hollywood, then see the musical spectacular Chicago. Chicago is the longest running US musical production to run on the London stage. Not only that but you will be spoiled with £150 in spending money for the night, so you can really make a night of it. Check it out at the site if you are willing to play in this game because there are special games you must play to qualify.

    Bingo Hollywood treats all their players like stars and this Hollywood inspired prize is only one example of the brilliant games they play and promotions on offer. They have a lot to offer members, so, join today and take one for the team too!
    Bingo Hollywood (New)
    Bingo Hollywood (New) – Get £30 FREE!

    Bingo Hollywood

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