Bingo Joy – Welcome to Their Bingo World!

    The world of Bingo Joy is essentially the world of St Minver, and while I am not a great fan of large bingo network, this particular network is pretty cool. They offer regularly changing and innovative promotions and good ongoing games and promotions too.

    At this point in time with World Cup promotions dominating online bingo sites, I am surprised to find nothing of this nature available at Bingo Joy. Suffice it to say nothing new has come on-board yet for June, so we shall have to wait and see.

    In the meantime you can still play in a whole host of games and promotions including Value Day. The next value day will be the 23rd June and this is the day you can play for pennies and win pounds. If bargain bingo hunting is one of your favourite pastimes, the only thing better than these games is free bingo.

    They offer guaranteed prize games daily and there is one game in particular that is not to be missed. This is the £1,000 worth guaranteed every night of the week, and on a Thursday this triples up to over £3,000! Thursdays are definitely the nights to look out for, as in the past the network has given away tons of prizes such as holidays and cars on this night.

    75-Ball Bingo Bonkers has a fresh twist so have a bash in the 75 Ball Bingo Ballroom too!
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