Bingo marks milestone 99th birthday with her pals

    Most of us won’t see 99, but one “lucky” bingo player did this month. She celebrated her 99th birthday with friends and family, which was all well and dandy. It was what she did afterwards which was heart-warming.

    She went out to play bingo with her bingo friends.

    Regular bingo player

    The special lady, known as Win Homes is from Southland Court, and regularly plays bingo with her good friends. One of her friends, Sandra Booth, actually runs a bingo club where they play. The over 55s bingo club at Bishop King’s Centre, is located on the Willows estate. They meet every Monday afternoon, and long-lived Win has been going there for the last 15 years.

    What’s more amazing about 99-year old is that she doesn’t just play bingo at the bingo club. She actually calls it, too. Apparently, Win never misses a game of bingo down her favourite bingo club. Win is the oldest member of the club, but apparently, she’s as fit as a fiddle, and incredibly healthy, walking to and from the bingo club every time she plays.

    Happy 99th Birthday Win

    Win’s big 99th birthday bingo game was just one of many bingo milestones that are appearing of late. Although many of the land-based bingo clubs are closing down in the United Kingdom, it seems the oldest and most loyal bingo players across the country are refusing to take it quietly. Where there are bingo halls, there are always those who wish to play, including Win.

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