Bingo Yard offers up a top-quality loyalty bonus program

    Are you looking for one of the tastiest loyalty bonus program on the net? Then you’ve come to the right place. Bingo Yard offers players the opportunity to snap up loyalty points by playing their favourite games, and by accumulating those points, you can eventually acquire goodies and bonuses galore. How’s how it all works.

    Earn Jewels

    Players will pocket 12 jewels for every £1 they deposit into their account. Every 24 hours, your jewel count is updated. Players start off at the Bingo Rookie level, and when they ratchet up between 1 and 599 jewels, they can become a Bingo Pro level player. Having between 600 and 2,399 jewels makes you a Bingo Master, whilst landing 2,400 jewels or more earns you the rank of Bingo Champ.

    Rookies don’t have any perks or privileges, but once you reach Pro level, you will get a 5% bingo bonus cash-back deal, as well as 5 free spins and 2 tickets to the Big £10K per month. Obtain Master level and you will get an increased 10% bingo bonus cash-back deal, 5% gaming bonus cash back offer, 10 free spins and 5 tickets to the Big £10K game per month.

    bingoyard loyalty

    At the Bingo Champ level, players will pocket 15% in bingo cashback, 10% in gaming cashback, 15 free spins, and 10 tickets to the Big £10K game.

    There are also four free bingo rooms for the various levels of the loyalty bonus program at Bingo Yard. The only way that you are going to get to play and claim these great deals is by joining Bingo Yard today.

    Join Now

    Sign up right now and you can claim a welcome bonus which is worth up to £100 when you start depositing as a new player at Bingo Yard today.

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