Bingo Your Way Around the World With Virgin!

    How would you fancy a weekend break in Europe; Barcelona, Rome or Venice? Take your pick. Virgin Bingo allows its members to bingo their way around the world with a unique bonus points system called V*Points. This points system is so unique it can be used to trade for Virgin Atlantic Airways flying miles and 1 V*Point equals 1 Flying mile. However in a very special offer it only costs you 1250 flying miles to obtain a return flight to one of the finest city break destinations in Europe.

    There are tickets to Las Vegas, Dubai and Toyko as well as other world class destination and as Virgin Bingo is part of the Virgin Games group, you can also earn V*Points as part of a single gaming wallet if you play on the poker or casino sites too. The key to earn more points is to look out for V*Points specials, sometimes these are doubled, and if you play bingo, you earn more points than any other games. You earn these points for all your cash purchases at the site and besides flying miles, points can be used to trade for free bingo. They can also be used to redeem shopping vouchers and leisure vouchers too. Spend them on Virgin Experiences if you like, and there are hundreds of these to choose from. They range from hotel stays to spa days, sports car experiences and even diving with sharks or owl spotting. The sky is quite literally the limit for V*Points earners and all you have to do is play online bingo!

    There is no other points system at any other UK bingo site that is like this. It is a draw card for Virgin Bingo members and quite honestly; like all other Richard Branson products, the best value for money and quality you will find!
    Virgin Bingo
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