Blink in Disbelief at Wink Bingo Jackpots

    3TG, 2TG, 1TG … there is nothing quite as exciting as watching the bingo numbers count down. The excitement rises in the chat room, and everybody has their eyes on the prize. We all love to win big bingo jackpots, and they are especially exciting at Wink Bingo.

    If you play at Wink Bingo, there are plenty of different progressive jackpots for you to chase. The first is the 90 ball progressive jackpot. If you’re able to cover your card in 37 calls or under, you could win a life-changing amount of cash. Once this total is scooped, the jackpot resets to £100.

    If you love the drama and speed of 75 ball bingo, then you’re going to love this — at Wink Bingo, the 75 ball progressive jackpot is called the Moneyball. Be the first player to cover the pattern in 34 calls or less, and the jackpot will be yours. The jackpots can hit truly massive totals, and once they are bagged, they reset at £250. You can set your watch by them as well — they play in the Hangout every day between 7 PM and midnight. Be there at 15 minutes past, 30 minutes past, and 45 minutes past the hour.

    Ready to join Wink Bingo? Sign today and you get to Spin the Wheel where you could win anywhere up to £1000 … and hopefully a huge progressive jackpot.

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