Bobs Bingo first bingo caller on Live Bingo Network

    Bob’s Bingo is the first bingo site on the Live Bingo Network to feature bespoke bingo calling. Bob is the character behind the popular Cozy Games bingo site, and from now on you will hear his voice calling the bingo numbers. So make sure your volume is turned up nice and loud…..

    Bob the bingo caller is already famous

    Bob of Bob’s Bingo has already played a star role in his very own TV advert, he’s a lovable character with a heartwarming Yorkshire accent. So he’s used to being in the limelight!

    Bobs Bingo first bingo caller on LBN

    Bingo lingo?

    Some of the bingo numbers are pretty much what you would expect to hear, however there are a few that you probably were not expecting to come across. There seems to be some kind of affection for fleas of all things! It really is worth a visit to Bob’s Bingo to have a chuckle, we are pretty sure you won’t have heard some of their bingo number phrases before.

    We were surprised to hear ‘fat lady with a crutch’ as number 87, will say no more about that one…

    Number 28 is ‘overweight’, ‘dirty knees’ is number 33 and ‘I love my mum’ is number 31.

    Bob is cheeky

    It really isn’t so much the actual bingo lingo, it’s more about Bob’s character that makes the calling hilarious! That may well be not the case when you have sat through a few hundred games of course, until that time we’ll continue to chuckle as Bob’s cheerful and energetic voice booms out of the computer!

    We mustn’t forget that also Bob is now a pioneer in his field, he is the first bingo caller to feature on the Live Bingo Network.

    Bob also has almost 8000 Facebook fans, it really is no wonder as there are so many prize giveaways and free bingo bonuses up for grabs on the page. Actually I will just mention quickly that if you like the Bobs Bingo Facebook page you will receive an extra £5 plus you will be able to get your hands on extra free voucher codes.

    If you haven’t already visited Bobs Bingo you will get £15 free bingo no deposit required, or if you are a mobile user you will get £20 free bingo no deposit so it really is worth a visit!


    Bobs Bingo

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