Brand-new Bingo Godz launches

    New bingo site Bingo Godz finally launches

    It’s the site we’ve been waiting for – Bingo Godz is finally here, and it’s straight out of heaven indeed. At first glance, Bingo Godz looks quite similar to your usual UK bingo sites but every once in a while, a magnificent God will appear in the chat room with rich rewards. In total, there are 36 different gods to collect, and each has his or her own powers. If you manage to see a God, you’ll be showered with goodies – anything from prizes to extra bonuses, to free tickets.

    Move through the worlds

    Each level is guarded by six different gods, and you must collect each one before you can move on into the next realm. The gods are Greek, Egyptian, Eastern, Norse, Tiki, and Space. As you move through the different worlds, the prizes become bigger and better. If you play For long enough, you’ll eventually make it through into the Cosmic World, with some of the biggest prizes in the whole wide universe.

    Mega Jackpots are out of this world

    Play at Godz before August ends, and you can win a share of a £1 million Jackpot. Play any of the selected games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, and Cleopatra, and you’ll go into the prize draw to win. Throughout August, hundreds of players will be splitting £100,000 – what a way to see the summer out.

    150% cash match

    The only area where the gods fail is in the promotional department. There’s a 150% welcome bonus, and that’s about it. No flash giveaways, no cars, holidays, or iPads – it’s all a bit lacklustre really. Let’s hope that this changes soon, and that the Godz see sense. Still, VIP players can claim cashback, and reload bonuses – look out for the goddess of kindness flitting into your account, laden down with gifts.

    Bingo Godz

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