Brand-New Mystic £555 Games at Snap Bingo

    It’s not often you are advised to run straight towards a crocodile, but if you do this at Snap Bingo, you’ll bump straight into their friendly crocodile mascot who will double your cash deposit by 100%.

    And this crocodile is very talented indeed, because he can see into the future. He’s inviting you to play his Mystic £555 jackpot. It plays every 11 days at 8 PM, with a full house of £300, two lines £200, and one line £55.

    Continuing on the Mystic theme, the crocodile is asking you to put your faith in the Zodiac for his new Horoscope games. These play once a month, and have a £500 full house jackpot. Actually, it’s a Swedish game, meaning five winners – four lines is £300, three lines is £150, two lines is £100, and one line is £61. And best of all, when it’s your birthday, you get 10 free tickets to your sign’s game.

    Also at Snap is the chance to win a New York shopping spree worth $10,000 and a stay at the incredible Waldorf Astoria hotel. You also get two tickets to a Broadway show. Tickets are on sale now, and represent excellent value for money – purchase £1 ticket now, and get another two free. And if you get lucky, be sure to go shopping for a crocodile handbag.

    Snap Bingo

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