Braveheart Bingo Fails to Conquer

    Fierce Braveheart Bingo

    With a name like Braveheart Bingo, you may expect a fierce and fantastic site, but the creative execution (if you will pardon the pun) is lamer than a Loch Ness monster with a limp. The first thing that greets you is the logo of an exceptionally sharp and dangerous looking sword, but this is where the Braveheart references end. Sure, this free bingo room may attract Scottish people from all over the world, but once you log on and get stuck in, you may be more than a tad disappointed.

    Live games between 9 AM and 12 AM

    Still, if you want some live fun, you can join cheerful presenters every day between 9 AM and 12 AM. Play alongside as the numbers count down – it adds a new dimension to the day, that’s for sure.

    Team up with a twist

    Get together with your fellow teammates until Saturday, July 27th to win hundreds of pounds in bonuses. The team that plays the most games over the tourney period will win £25 in bonuses each, plus a split of £200.

    Slot of the Week

    Are you ready to plunder some treasure? Check out the Gold Raider slot. Help our explorer escape from prison camp deep within the Asian jungle. Once he’s on the run, guards come after him, so help him avoid fatal booby-traps, ravenous tigers, and horrific snares as he wends his merry way through the vines and creepers.

    New community jackpots

    Everybody’s a winner with these new games in Studio 2, now with hugely reduced ticket prices. Play from 5p per card, between 8 PM and 10 PM, and if you’re a winner, you’ll get 25% of the jackpot, with the rest divvied out between all other players. This is one of the only games where losing is always worthwhile.

    Dare you brave it?

    Join Braveheart Bingo now for a 300% signup bonu – but trust me, if you’re Scottish, this site will test your allegiance to the max.

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