Brits Bingo gives you the chance to win £30,000 this Christmas

    Santa may have something in his stocking for you this Christmas. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What are we doing talking about Christmas when Halloween has not yet come and gone? Well it is funny you should mention it. If you’re playing at Brits Bingo, then they are already putting their latest Christmas offer out there, so you so might as well have a peak.

    Guaranteed Pots

    Brits Bingo is offering a guaranteed £30,000 pot over the course of December, with 30 daily games, each one valued at £1,000. That’s a guaranteed grand you can win every single day of the month. These jackpot bingo games take place courtesy of the £30K Sleigh Away, and can be found in the rooms of the same name, at 8pm GMT each night in December.

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    Prebuy For Less

    Now why mention the promotion so soon? Well, the reason for this is because if you buy tickets right now, you can actually save money and a lot of it. Tickets will normally cost £1 per pop, and that is quite a sizeable sum of cash. However if you were to purchase tickets before November 30, then the price is quite a lot less.

    Sale Now On

    This sale on tickets is known as Santa’s Multi-Pass, and these tickets can see you bag 30 bingo cards to 30 bingo games, all for the low cost of just £5. That’s a saving of £25 in all. Again these tickets stop being sold on November 30, so snap as many up as you can today.

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    Join Now

    If you aren’t yet a member of Brits Bingo then perhaps it is time you became one? They will offer you a 150% bonus on your very first deposit, after signing up and depositing as a new player at their domain. That should see you with more than enough money to snap up Santa’s Multi-Pass tickets at a whim.

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