Butlers Bingo Royal Wedding and Country Fayre Giveaway

    Between now and Saturday Butlers Bingo is celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton by offering £4375BBZ in their Royal Wedding Giveaway. Look out for the special bingo games which will play every day between now and then. If you win Full House you get an extra £1BBz and there’s £1BBz extra for your 2 line and 1 line wins too.

    The Butler will immediately credit your account if you win so you’ll be able to enjoy your extra bonus as soon as you win it unlike some sites that take up to 48 hours to credit your winnings.

    On Sunday 1st May the Country Fayre Giveaway begins and offers a huge £6200BBz. This particular promotion runs up until 10th May. If you are the Full House winner in one of these games you will get an extra £2BBz and your Nabors will each win an extra £1BBz.

    Later on in the month there’s a Spring Giveaway and a Mission to Mars Giveaway which are worth a look too. Butlers Bingo are always running some giveaway or another.

    New members who join this site will get a free £10 no deposit bonus to try out the site for free and there’s 200% deposit bonus on your first deposit too.

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