Catch the Joy Pot tonight at RedBus Bingo

    The latest £25K Joy Pot game plays tonight at RedBus Bingo. There’s another £25,000 up for grabs in tonight’ game which kicks off at 10pm. If you have been playing bingo at any of the main Joy of Bingo sites (Tasty, Wink, Posh and RedBus Bingo) over the last couple of months, you will have accumulated Joy Points which will be automatically converted into tickets into tonight’s Joy Pot game.

    Obviously, you need an account with RedBus Bingo to play so if you haven’t, you’ll have to sit this one out. For future reference, you need to have registered with the hosting site around a week before the Joy Pot plays. The next game will be October time but we’ll keep you posted.

    If you’re planning on playing at RedBus this weekend you will be able to claim 2 x 85% deposit bonuses when you spend between £10 and £100. Pick up one of these bonuses either today or Saturday quoting SPORTY in the bonus code section, you can claim the second 85% on either Sunday or Monday using the code SPICE.

    Tonight at 10pm there will also be the the £2K Big Smoke game which offers a £2000 jackpot for £1 per ticket. The full house prize is £1000, there’s a 2 line prize of £650 and a 1 line prize of £350 so you could enter the weekend a good deal better off if you play either this or the Joy Pot game tonight.

    If you bingo the most the Butterfly pattern or wager the most on Sugar Train instant game over the weekend you could win a YSL Touché Éclat gift set, this is one of this decades best loved beauty products but is a little on the pricey side so if you haven’t tried this fantastic concealer yet or you have and you love it, why not try your luck at winning this gift set by playing the Butterfly pattern games or Sugar Train?

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