Check Your Game ID Numbers and Win Big at Gala Bingo


    Hey there – have you tried Superbooks yet? These are an economical way of upgrading your free winnings. Any time you play a free game at Gala Bingo displaying the Superbooks symbol, you can upgrade for a few pence. The upgrades multiply your free winnings by many times – of course, I don’t advise doing it on every free game, because that defeats the object, but it’s certainly worth testing out.

    And, if you always feel annoyed because you have aaaaaalmost win a game with just one number to go, then check out 1 TG games. These have a special prize fund for players who nearly win, and you can play in the Station Room every 30 minutes between 9 AM and 5 PM.

    Definitely get a move on and check out the Lucky Lottery – it ends on Sunday, September 30. Play your favourite games, and look out for a message featuring two game ID numbers. If you have played any of these games on the previous day, you will go into the draw to win £1000 cash. The winners will be announced on Monday October 1, 2012.

    There is a reason why Gala is one of the most popular sites in the UK. Join today for a £30 free bonus, and to find out why it really is the biggest and the best.

    Gala Bingo
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    Gala Bingo

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