Climb to Giddy 100K Heights with Sky Bingo’s Escalator Jackpot

    Oh yes, this is what I like to see – the Sky Bingo Escalator Jackpot is back in full force. It starts at £100,000, and gets bigger each day. And, just to increase the excitement, every day, it gets easier to win. These dramatic games play in the 90 ball rooms, and there is a nice little bonus as well. When a player wins the jackpot, half of the cash is shared between players with tickets in the winning game, which means more people share the loot.

    Something for the weekend? Then you will be wanting to check out Lucky 7 Roll On Games. These play in the Sky Value room every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it’s a whole new concept. Indeed, there are not one, but seven winners in each game. It’s a normal 90 ball game, but once the first full house has been taken, the game continues to roll on, finishing when the lucky seventh player calls house.

    Sky is one of the few ‘big name’ sites that offers no deposit cash when you register. As long as you enter the exclusive voucher codes BINGO5 on the registration page, you will find a fat £5 sat in your account.


    Sky Bingo
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