Cocktails on the House at Bingo Hollywood

    Ever wish bingo could be a little bit more glamorous? It can be if you play at Bingo Hollywood. Enjoy 75 ball and 90 ball games in a most decadent environment, where the emphasis is on fame and fortune. You can tell this simply by looking at the names of the chat games – we love the 1 TG Cocktail Party especially. Here’s how it works: pick two numbers between 1 and 90. When your lucky numbers are called, you need to get busy with the cocktail shaker and type SHAKE IT! The first player to call wins 1000 Superstar points and gets an ingredient for their Pina Colada. Once you have collected all three ingredients, you then win another 1000 points – watch you don’t get a hangover, because it’s one strong cocktail.

    Another glamorous chat game – it’s time to rendezvous with the Three Amigos. Pick five consecutive numbers, and when they are chosen, you must shout out CHARM in caps to win. Once again, if you are the first player to holler, you will win 1000 points.

    Glam up, and walk down the red carpet to Bingo Hollywood today for a £30 deposit bonus and to enjoy new bingo games where you are the superstar.

    Bingo Hollywood
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    Bingo Hollywood

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