Crystal Balls Determine your Fate at Bingo Me Happy

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    Bingo Me Happy will have you grinning from ear to ear, thanks to the £6000 free for all. No deposit is necessary before you can participate in the fun games – play every eight minutes between 7 AM and 7 PM. There is a £1 jackpot for the taking in each game – it’s guaranteed to liven up your life.

    Funded fun

    Once you make a deposit at Bingo Me Happy, the good fun really starts. Play every day between 4 PM and 7 PM, every 15 minutes. The jackpot creeps up considerably – £10 for the taking in each game, which is £130 for the winning each day.

    Grab a Grand

    Want to get your hands on £1000 the easy way? Then make sure you prepurchase a few tickets now for the Grab a Grand games on the first day of every month. There is a special offer on right now – you’ll get an extra card free with every one you buy, providing you stock up before 25 October.

    Lucky £777 Jackpot

    Bingo is a game of chance, but the £777 Lucky Jackpot is looking very enticing this month. Get your four leaf clover, and lucky rabbits paw, and if you are the player to cover the number 7 pattern first, you’ll win that full prize pool.

    Mystic £555

    The Mystic £555 jackpot plays every 11 days and 90 crystal balls will determine your fortune. If you are the lucky player to mark the numbers first, you will win a big full house prize of £300. Crystal balls at the ready, roomies.

    Bingo Me Happy – time for your free cash

    Let’s open an account at Bingo Me happy – there is a 200% welcome bonus, plus all the giggles you can eat. And don’t forget, you can try out the action before you deposit – just sign up for an account, and get playing those £1 jackpot free games.

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