Do a little research before you buy into a new online Bingo Site

    When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play at, it always pays to do a little research before you commit. Naturally the first thing any online gamer – whether they are interested in bingo, poker or slots – is going to look at, is the promotion situation.

    However there is more to picking a good online bingo site that simple bonus money. Let’s not kid ourselves, it most certainly helps; but it is not the be all and end all of picking a winner.

    Now online bingo sites can be judged on many things. Aside from the bonus, prospective future online bingo players might want to examine the prices of each bingo site. Are they fair? What is fair? By calculating a rough average price for bingo games across many sites you can come to the conclusion that online bingo should cost between ten and tweny five pence per card. Of course there are exceptions, such as thousand pound jackpot bingo games which understandably cost a little more (between 50p and £2 per card). But for the most part, any online bingo site offering £25 to £50 jackpots at around twenty five pence per card would be considered a fair site.

    Another key aspect to focus on a research a little about is the games situation. Does the online bingo site only have bingo games? If it does, then no disrespect to the online bingo site, but in all likelihood you will tire of playing bingo rather rapidly and without a broad choice of alternative games, you may very well decide to “temporarily” sign up at a different online gaming site. The downside being that you probably won’t bother returning to your first choice site until you’re ready to play bingo again; perhaps never at all! So the solution here is to make certain that the online bingo site that you sign up at contains a good mix of bingo (both seventy fix and ninety ball preferably), slot, instant win and scratch cards games. There are lots of them out there and once you’ve found one, you can be sure that you’ll have all your gaming needs covered by the same site.

    Security and safety goes without saying, these are two aspects of the site that aren’t the easiest to check, but a quick glance at an online gambling review site, specialising in bingo sites should tell you all you need to know. If not you can always contact the bingo site, or view their security protocols on their site; most of them have them listed.

    But what about the bingo networks, are these for you? It is important that you find out whether or not an online bingo site is part of a bingo network before you sign up. Bingo networks such as Dragonfish and Cassava often have up to fifty online bingo sites, and whilst the accumulated wealth of all those stakes at different sites coming together means that the jackpots are often huge, it also means that many more people are playing for them, as gamers from every single site under a bingo network is entitled to participate in a promotion which you believe is only for your bingo site.

    Similarly, there are many stand alone bingo sites on the net. These are often mega rich companies who offer equally as impressive jackpots and can afford to advertise everywhere. Here the competition might be tough for exactly that reason, they are too well known. Neither really has an advantage over the other, but it really is all down to you as to which you prefer.

    Only after all this, can you seriously look at the bonus situation!

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