Does This Bingo Site Have the Wow Factor?

    You know how Simon Cowell judges new wannabe stars and seems able to tell if a hopeful has the X Factor? We looked at this site and it just doesn’t have the Wow factor for us. Besides safety, security, fairness and licensing – all things we take as a given for any white label site, Wow Bingo has very little else to offer. Promotion-wise, it is all bonuses and how to earn more of these, there is nothing in terms of a tangible prize.

    Our experience with huge deposit and redeposit bonuses is the player becomes entangle in these and has very little hope of ever getting out with a reasonable cash prize. Also the UK online bingo player has matured and they are a sophisticated audience. They want to win tickets to live shows, chocolates, branded items, big guaranteed cash prizes and fun gifts too. Gifts they would not normally spoil themselves with such as handbags, holidays, spa treatments and more.

    There are hundreds of UK online bingo sites and many of them are geared to respond aggressively to changes in the market. My theory is, why play at a Site like Wow Bingo, for bonuses galore, when you can be playing at one of a dozen other sites and have a look in on a prize of one of 10 holidays to South Africa or a three day shopping trip to New York? Wow Bingo is like UK bingo was when it first started nearly a decade ago, have they got caught up in a time warp?
    Wow Bingo
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    Wow Bingo

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