Dragonfish removes no deposit bonus and adds new payment methods to their sites

    Just recently I noticed that the no deposit bonuses on many of the Dragonfish bingo sites had disappeared into thin air. I did a little investigating and found out that Dragonfish had indeed, removed the majority, if not all of their no deposit bonuses across their many sites (I couldn’t check every single one but I think it’s safe to say most/all of their sites will have had their free bonus removed.)

    In most cases sites such as Bingolicious and Champagne Bingo were only offering a free £1 bonus but there were some exceptions where you could pick up £5 free bonus to try out the site before committing to a deposit. In any case, they’ve all gone now but instead we are led to believe, there will be free bingo games available round the clock with some of these accessible to non funded members so in theory you could still have a bit of try before you buy.

    In other related news, Dragonfish has added Paypal to their deposit methods. Paypal is ideal for players who don’t like handing over their bank card details online as Paypal takes your details just once and stores them so you only ever have to log into your Paypal account to pay. This my be some consolation to potential members who feel put out about the no deposit bonuses being removed but when you think about, free bingo games accessible 24/7 are a much better deal in the long run.

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