Fancy Dress and Barbecues at BingoCams

    What a big buzz at BingoCams

    I’m always on the lookout for novel new bingo sites, and BingoCams certainly caught my eye. That’s because it’s the ONLY UK bingo site where you can play on your web cam – it’s not obligatory, but it certainly adds to the fun.

    Rollover Riches

    Currently, BingoCams players are rolling around in riches, thanks to the Rollover campaign. Indeed, over £9500 has been won so far, with two players winning over £2000 each. The more you deposit, the more likely you are to win – to trigger an entry to the competition, you must deposit more than £10. This game ends on August 1, so hurry up and get that webcam fired up.

    Jackpot Frenzy

    This week is a special week for the Jackpot Frenzy, and it ends on July 21. Every evening, you can win three guaranteed jackpots: two of £250 and one of £500. To qualify, you must deposit £10 between Monday and Saturday, and you’ll be then invited to the Super Game on Sunday 21, with free cards, and a £500 jackpot.

    Let’s see you celebrate

    The team at BingoCams really make use of the webcam feature, with fancy dress parties, barbecues, and crazy events. They also love to see their winners celebrate, which is why they give their full house winners an extra 15% on top of the full house in return for the Live Win Moment. And if don’t know what a Live Win Moment is, then read on…

    Monthly Live Win Moment

    When you win, all cameras cut to you, and it’s up to you to go crazy. The funniest or most creative moment will win up to £500, and two runners-up will win £250. For some inspiration, check out the Hall of Fame. So, claim that free £30 now, and prepare to try something totally different.

    Bingo Cams

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