Fastest Finger Wins Bonuses at Benidorm Bingo

    Chat games are an integral part of the schedule at Benidorm Bingo. They are a great way to win bonuses and to get to know your fellow roomies. Some of them can be quite challenging – they really require concentration.

    For instance, in Odds and Evens, every player needs to pick two odd numbers and two even. If you’re the first person to cover all four, you must shout NUMBERS to win £1 in free bonuses.

    In Lucky Gem, there are two chances to win – pick a number between one and 90, and when it’s called, type Lucky Gem to win the prize. It’s true – roomies can win heaps of free cash thanks to these bonuses, and they certainly make the day lots more fun.

    And if you love to play free bingo, then have some fun in the sun, every Monday between 1 PM and 2 PM then again between 8 PM and 9 PM. These free bingo jackpots are rather spectacular – you can win a share of £200 guaranteed. And don’t forget, you can upgrade your tickets to Super-books, which means big winnings for a tiny ticket price.

    Join Benidorm Bingo now and turn your £10 into £20 free play and don’t forget to check out those cool chat games too.

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