Festive Snowball Chat Games at Gina Bingo

    Well, I had a lovely surprise when I opened my emails today – amongst the usual spam and nonsense, I had an email from Gina Bingo.

    I’ve been a bit cruel about this site in the past, but it seems they’ve finally pulled their festive finger out with a great Christmas line-up. For instance, in Club 90, participate in the Chat Specials. Watch out for the first number ending in a zero, such as 10, 30, or 40. If you are in amongst the first two players to type HO HO HO, you’ll win two BBz each.

    Then schmooze on over to Club 75. Any time a number is called ending in zero, and you type SNOWBALL, you will win 1 BB. Be on your toes, because the chat moderator can change the winning combinations at any time.

    Gina runs on a smaller network, but it still offers a large variety of 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball games. If you’re looking to meet new roomies in a more intimate setting, then certainly give Gina a visit. There is a FREE £10 no deposit bonus waiting for you, plus a 350% deposit match. Gina even dishes out £5 to roomies joining the Facebook page, which is generous beyond belief.

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