Fierce Bingo Exclusive New Bingo Site for Lesbians and Gays

    What makes Fierce Bingo different?

    Introducing Fierce Bingo – a new bingo site created exclusively for gay and lesbian players. It’s more fabulous than Elton John riding a pink swan along the Canal in the Manchester Gay Village, and new players get a 200% first deposit bonus. Then it’s on to mince your way merrily through 75 ball and 90 ball halls, slot games, and casino games. Warning – this site is not for the fainthearted – it’s in your face, it’s camp, and it’s oh-so-saucy.

    Check out the Fierce News

    While you’re marking the numbers off, stay up-to-date with the latest gay and lesbian news, which is updated via a daily blog. At time of press, the matters being discussed were the Russian Government’s stance on homosexuality, how welcome bonuses work, and why Fierce was created in the first place.

    Camp as Christmas

    As much as we try to deny it, Christmas is on its way, and with that comes the £20,000 Christmas Sleigh games. In total, there will be 20 games with £1000 guaranteed – these run daily from the 1st to 20th December. Purchase a £5 multipass, and you’ll get one ticket to each of the 20 games.

    Monday happy hour

    See you at the bar for Monday happy hour – this is two hours to be precise, but who cares? There are double loyalty points, a relatively easy pub quiz, plus a 100% bonus if you use the promotional code HOUR.

    Grab a Grand

    No, I didn’t say Grab a Granny — it’s time to grab £1000 on the first day of every month. You still have a few days to pre-purchase tickets, and if you buy them before the game plays, it’s buy one get one free.

    Flirty chat room

    So if you’re looking for some flirty chat room fun, then get fierce and join Fierce Bingo now. It’s laughs and flirts-a-plenty, and who knows, even a whopping win could be on the cards.

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