Fortune Teller Scratchcard at Mega Money Games

    When you play at Mega Money Games, there are six broad categories of games. These are scratchcards, slots, lottery games, scratchies, bingo, and table games, so something for everybody, no matter what your taste.

    One that particularly caught my eye was called Fortune Teller. See what the future holds on this enchanting scratchcard. A deck of cards is laid out in front of you, then it’s up to you to choose a matching pair of cards. Get lucky here, and you could be winning a £10,000 jackpot.

    And for something a little more edgy, there is Poker Match. It’s quick, simple and easy to play, with a total jackpot of £500,000. Keep on scratching the cards to find a winning poker hand, and remember, you can bet on five tickets per game.

    In Hollywood Stars, you’re under the spotlight for your own game show – win up to £100,000 – don’t forget, you are the star here, so diva behaviour is mandatory.

    Try something a little bit different today – try playing at Mega Money Games. The is a free £7 signup bonus when you register, and then it’s on to play dozens of 3-D animated scratchcards, slot games and table games.

    Mega Money Games
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