Foxy Bingo Offer A Generous £50,000 Maximum Bingo Game

    We’ve seen a number of truly inspiring bingo offers before, but never one as generous as the one currently offered by Foxy Bingo. Foxy Bingo’s £50,000 Maximum Bingo is off the charts with its generosity – just wait until you hear this.

    Foxy’s Generous Maximum Bingo Game

    Every single ticket that you purchase for the £50,000 Maximum Bingo game will be worth a cracking share of £20,000. You can pick up your jaw again now. Yes, what you have just read is real. There is no joke. That is what Foxy Bingo’s latest promotion is offering.

    Taking place on Friday November 28, is the £50,000 Maximum Bingo game. It kicks off at 9.30pm, GMT. Tickets costs a fair bit at 99p per card, but like we’ve said, every ticket you buy is worth a share of £20,000. If you land a full house in this 75-ball bingo coverall game, you can win £16,000. Should you pocket two lines, you can still walk away with £6,000. Players with one line will win £4,000, and there’s more still. 1TG players can pocket £2,000, and the same is true for 2TG players. All losing tickets will then share the £20,000 pot.

    Foxy Bingo Members

    As good as this sounds, there has to be some prerequisites, doesn’t there? There is, as a matter of fact. Firstly, all players must be signed up members of Foxy Bingo – but that goes without saying. Secondly, all of the prizes will be credited the following day. That’s about it really. All withdraws over £30 can be processed, so this isn’t bonus cash that you are being paid.

    Everything seems in order, and what we are left with is one of the most gracious, generous and big-money bingo games of all time. Trust Foxy Bingo to come up with something like this.




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