Free 25K Money Train Tickets at Robin Hood Bingo

    It’s almost here at the platform, roomies – the £25,000 Money Train at Robin Hood Bingo. This is his biggest guaranteed jackpot ever, and the monster game is playing on November 7. Tickets cost £1, and it’s going to be one spectacular event.

    Get the full house here to win £12,500, cover two lines to win £7500, and cover one line to win £5000. This is playing across quite a few other sites in this network, which means is going to be great atmosphere, but not so great odds. If you can’t be around to join the fun, consider prebuying a few tickets in advance. After all, it’s not often you get the opportunity to win a share of 25K for a quid, is it?

    Now on to more relaxing matters. In Robin’s Super Sunday in the Raining Coins Room, you can win kick back and enjoy quizzes, whilst winning goody bags and free coins. It’s one of the nicest places to play, because everybody is in a smiley Sunday mood.

    And, with it being Monday tomorrow, it’s time to contemplate Robin’s What a Week promotions. For instance, in Cherry On Top, if you are in amongst the top couple of players to call a full house most on the cherry pattern, you will split £50.

    Swing into Sherwood Forest with a £25 free bingo bonus, and prepare to meet Robin and his Merry Roomies.

    Robin Hood Bingo (NEW)
    Robin Hood Bingo (NEW) – Get £25 FREE!

    Robin Hood Bingo

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