Free £5 Voucher Code for Bob’s Bingo

    All I want for Christmas is a new iPhone, and then I will be able to play Bobs Bingo anytime, anywhere I want. That’s because Bob has launched a brilliant new mobile site which you can play on your Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPad and iPhone.

    And check this – Bob gives you an extra £15 free when you sign up and play his mobile site. You can still play all of your favourite games and slots, pre-buy, and possibly win big – Bob has thought of everything.

    A little birdie tells me the Bob might just be appearing on the TV soon, so he had better stay away from his Cake Festival in his Buckingham Palace room. Bingo on the sweet patterns to win up to £20 in free bonuses – what ever you do, Bob, stay away from that cake bowl, because the TV puts pounds on you.

    And, readers of Best Offers can get an extra £5 free if you use the code BOBSBINGO when you register. That’s going to give you £20, plus £15 to spend on the mobile site – all this free money? The fame must have gone to Bob’s head.

    Bobs Bingo (NEW)
    Bobs Bingo (NEW) – Get £20 FREE!

    Bobs Bingo

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