Free cards for Big Brother’s 4k New Year game

    You can always rely on Big Brother Bingo to liven up proceedings. Look ahead to the New Year with the £4000 Party Popper. You still have time to collect a few free tickets, and it would be well worth while. The full house is £2000, two lines is £1250, and one line is £750. As the name implies, it plays on New Year’s Day at 10 PM.

    Big Brother is a generous old soul when he wants to be, and he’s giving you numerous opportunities to win freebies for this game. You have to collect points – 500 equal one free card. Call a full house on the Golden Ticket pattern, cover the balloon pattern and wager on instant games. You can even tell Big Brother on his Facebook wall why you should win the jackpot, and what you would do with it.

    If you are new to the world of Big Brother Bingo, it’s time to pack your case and enter the house. This is the official Channel 4 Big Brother site, – even the rooms are named after various parts of the world famous BB house.

    Deposit £10 and play with £30 now and start earning tickets to this £4000 New Year’s game.… and I shall see you on the inside.

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