Free Daily Scratchcard at William Hill Bingo

    Frequent Flyer Benefits

    I’m a seasoned traveller, and I know all about Frequent Flyer benefits. But at William Hill Bingo, the Frequent Flyer benefits are even better – spend at least £2 on UK bingo tickets, and this will give you speedy boarding access to a £500 daily scratchcard, with a globetrotting theme.

    A date for your diary

    Definitely make a recurring alarm in your mobile phone for this one, roomies – on the first Tuesday of every month, you can claim a 100% deposit bonus. Depending on your loyalty level, you can claim up to £50, thanks to this generous offer. Set a reminder to beep on Tuesday May 6, and every following first Tuesday of the month.

    Buy one get one free Saturday

    Start the weekend on a winning note in the Community room. Here you will find two tickets for the price of one all morning. What a way to start the weekend. Who needs Tiswas?!

    Head for heights

    If you are afraid of heights, then you may want to give the Money Ladder a miss. Still, if you don’t mind ascending to dizzy heights, then definitely check out these stratospheric games. The jackpots get bigger by the hour – at 6 PM you can win a £600 prize, and by 9 PM, the jackpot has risen to £900. Don’t look down!

    £2000 Fabulous Friday

    Brighten up your Fridays with this big special offer. Play all of your favourite games like roll on, 1 TG, and buy one get one free, with tickets starting at 1p. There are two new games on the schedule – Our House 90, and Multi-Price Tickets – in these, you’re able to choose the price of your card, which in turn decides the size of your winnings. Sign now at William Hill for your £40 free, and to meet the Birdman (the wacky mascot) and pals.

    William Hill Bingo

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