Free Lottery Tickets at Rollover Bingo

    Welcome to the double-edged joy that is Rollover Bingo. This is the only site that rewards you with free National Lottery tickets when you play — it’s totally unique, and it must be tried to be believed.

    Here’s how it works: for every £5 you spend on bingo cards, Rollover Bingo will give you a free national lottery line. You get your lines awarded to you as a syndicate of 49 players — which means you share their numbers as well. Being a part of a syndicate really increases your chances of winning, and if you get a five ball match or above, everybody in the syndicate cashes in. However, if your own personal numbers get three or four ball win, you get the full amount of winning dished out as bonus points. Just recently, one of the syndicates got a five ball win, giving all of the players a fabulous little windfall.

    And of course, it’s not just national lottery tickets you get at Rollover Bingo — it’s fabulous bingo jackpots. For instance, play there every Saturday night at 9 PM, and you can be chasing a £5000 jackpot. Woo ha! Register at Rollover Bingo today, deposit £10, and you get a tidy £10 bonus and 10 free lottery lines.

    Rollover Bingo
    Rollover Bingo – Get £10 FREE!

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