Gala Bingo Criticised For Policy After Player Nearly Dies

    Gala Bingo hall exterior shot

    We know that Bingo can be extremely competitive. And woe betide you, if you interrupt a diehard bingo fan during their game. But playing on when someone could potentially be dying would seem like madness to most of us.

    According to a story in the Daily Mail, the manager of the Gala Bingo branch in Crawley, west Sussex, had stopped a game when an 86-year-old player fell ill, but resumed the game when paramedics arrived to tend to her.

    The company has responded by invoking the frequency of these kind of things. Speaking to the Daily Mail: ‘A spokesman for Gala Bingo said such incidents “happen quite often within bingo” and the company’s policy is to “carry on as normal”.’

    In an email to Ms Guidera, Carl Leaver, chief executive of the Gala Coral group, mentions that it is not only the business that wants the show to go on but other players: “Born out of much experience and feedback from our customers, it is Gala Bingo’s policy to continue to carry on with bingo in the unfortunate instance that one of our customers becomes ill at one of our sites.

    “Our experience previously has been of other customers getting inappropriately involved and the customer who is ill becoming more distressed and upset.

    “Our primary concern is always to ensure we get the appropriate care to the customer as soon as possible.”

    It should be said that the bingo provider have hardly been neglectful of their duties, and left it to professionals to help the lady after she became unconscious.

    A spokesman for the South East Coast Ambulance Service told the paper that the pensioner had lost consciousness for a “period of time”.

    Whatever the issue, it was not serious enough for the woman to be taken to hospital and she was instead referred to her GP.

    She was not put off the bingo hall by all accounts. The company have commented that the player has since visited the hall with her granddaughter to thank staff for their help. So she certainly bears no grudges!

    All we can say is we wish her good luck in her next game of bingo.

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