Gala Bingo Player Scoops £90k Jackpot With 5p Stake!

    One very lucky lady from Dartford won a whopping £90,000 from just a 5p stake at  The 50 year old single Mum who goes by the char name of theberry didn’t even realise she’d hit the ‘Cash Climber’ jackpot whilst playing Bingo in the ‘Sharon Club’ because she was busy making a coffee!

    Theberry only realised that she had won the life changing prize of £90,595 after noticing a congratulatory message on the chat room window.  She has had some £50 wins in the past but this really took her by surprise, she said; “I was shocked! At first I thought it might be a practical joke from a friend who had somehow managed to set it up, so I called and they confirmed it was true.”

    This was a very welcome win for theberry who had quite a bad year in 2009, she added; “I’ve had some bad luck last year, damaging my back, having my handbag stolen and crashing my car, so this is just amazing.”

    When asked what she planned to do with the money, she said; “I think it has just about sunk in!  I’ve had years of being careful, so I’ve just got the children a few treats – but I still haven’t spent much so far as I’m still working out what we want to do with our win. I have lots of things I want done in the house and am looking forward to a nice holiday as well. ”

    Lesley Hall, Gala’s online PR Manager said this; “We’re absolutely delighted for ‘theberry’ and her family – especially as she had such a bad run of luck in 2009. Hopefully by becoming one of our 500,000 monthly winners has helped 2010 get off to a really positive start.”

    We certainly think this is one of the best ways to start the year and hopefully Gala Bingo will produce many more big winners in 2010!

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