Gala Bingo re-join the bingo association, after a length absence


    Gala Bingo have returned into the arms of the bingo association, after a more than five year absence from the organisation. The move is been widely claimed to be thanks to government plans over the taxation of bingo clubs, which unfairly feel as though they already taxed significantly high in comparison to bookies and online bingo sites. At present no successful overturn or pressure has been placed on the government to overturn what they see as an unfair and bullying tax levy, although with Gala Bingo back on board are half a decade away from the scene, the hopes and optimism have been raised.

    Gala Bingo is the United Kingdom’s largest bingo company in existence, and they are a household name in the country, as well as a massive employer of jobs, specifically at a time when people want to gamble to try and get themselves out of the financial rut and into a better standing, money wise. More importantly, because they employ a lot of staff, excessive taxation of the bingo sector could lead to Gala Bingo cutting jobs, something the government would abhor in the current economic climate.


    The government’s logic to highly tax bingo seems to be nothing more than illogical, whilst high street bookies are left relatively untouched. It is also felt by many in the bingo industry that it is the second harsh ban to hit bingo clubs in recent years, following the smoking ban. The smoking ban itself is believed to have almost halved the number of bingo players attending the halls.


    Whilst some feel the smoking ban was necessary and a good thing, few are inclined to agree with the move to heavy tax bingo clubs. Online bingo will continually peck at the sides of the bingo clubs too, until they fall into ruin it would seem. Whether or not Gala Bingo’s return to the bingo association makes any difference to the matter remains to be seen, although one must remember that aside from having many bingo halls themselves, Gala Bingo also has an online bingo site too.

    Gala Bingo

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