Get a £100 New Player Bonus, when you join Bet365 Vegas

    For a long time now, we’ve known that Bet365 Casino has some of the hottest welcome bonus offers on the net. But, did you know that their sister site – Bet365 Vegas – is also equipped with red hot welcome offers of their own? If you didn’t, then perhaps it is time you checked them out, to see what you’re missing?

    Sensational Bonus

    Join Bet365 Vegas right now, and you can claim an opening bonus which is worth up to £100 in total. With this sensational bonus, you can experience all of the latest games at Bet365 Vegas in full, and wager as much or as little as you like on them. A 100% match deposit bonus worth up to £100 when you make your maiden deposit, is certainly going to go a long way in helping you play the kind of games you want; with the kind of wagers you want, might we add.

    This a long term bonus, which will end in December 2015. That naturally means that you’ve got plenty of time to get yourself over to Bet365 Vegas and to sign up. By why delay? If you join now, you can also partake in the New Games offer.

    Brand New Games

    Bet365 Vegas offers you the chance to play the hottest games first, before any others on the net. Whenever they host a brand new games at the site (which is seemingly always), they run special promotional deals on those games. These offer vary from time to time, but the only thing that you can be sure of is that they are always solid bonuses.

    These are just one of several perks you can enjoy, when you shape yourself and sign up to Bet365Vegas this month. Trust us, there is no online gaming portal that compares.

    Bet365 Vegas

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