Get beach fit with Bingolore

    Summer is just about here and we’ve already had some beautiful weather so you’re probably thinking about getting yourself a bit fitter for Summer. If this is the case, Bingolore may be able to help as month long they are giving away Wii Fit Pluses.

    Every Wednesday night at 9pm there will be a bingo game where the top prize is a Wii Fit Plus. There’s also a guaranteed 330 prize pot and tickets cost just 50p which is fairly reasonable given the expense of a Wii Fit Plus package. You can grab tickets for the game whenever you like by using the pre-buy page in site too, which is handy.

    There will be 4 more of these games this month so you have ample opportunity to try your luck and don’t forget to pre-buy if you think you might miss a game or two. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather work out from the comfort of my own living room than in front of lots of gym bunnies which quite frankly, show me up!

    Bingolore is a fantastic online bingo site giving you a little taste of the of Bollywood with your bingo. New players get a free £1 no deposit bonus to have a few free games before they part with any of their own money, there’s also £25 welcome bonus when you spend just £10.

    Bingolore – Get £1 FREE!

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