Get Minted Bingo, Not the Most Sophisticated, Nor Satisfactory

    If you are looking for a completely unique and sophisticated UK online bingo experience with promotions to match, you won’t find it at this site; there are 69 more sites where exactly the same promotions can be found. This network, or chain of bingo sites only differs in the way the pages are presented, and unfortunately the same is true of Get Minted Bingo.

    Anyone considering registering with Get Minted at this point in time will have a little extra to look forward to and they are playing a game in honour of the World Cup Football. This game takes place on the last day of the Football Tournament and it is called the Bingo Football Frenzy. It says something that they are calling it the biggest prize given away at the site! The prize is £6000 and there will be £1000 worth of 1TG prizes featured in the same game, as well as £1000 worth of tangible prizes. If you are a member of this site already and you have no intention of leaving, do play this game. If you are a potential new member, save your money, spend it at Foxy Bingo, Tombola Bingo, Sun Bingo or William Hill.

    The other promotions are regular and ongoing and include a 42″ Flatscreen TV and £500 holiday games played every alternate Thursday. The same winners of the TV prize are up at the site as are up at all 69 sites and these are from years ago.

    Get Minted Bingo
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