Get Paid £50 Every Day to Play at Gold Medal Bingo

    Get paid to play

    It’s a dream come true at Gold Medal Bingo – win the Get Paid To Play game, and you’ll get £50 in your account every day, for an entire month. The next opportunity is on November 28, at 8 PM – not only will this give you loads of chances to enjoy your favourite games, but you could hit a massive jackpot, thanks to this most generous of new bingo sites. Just imagine sitting down to play everyday, with £50, waiting in your account – oo, it makes me feel wibbly just thinking about it.

    The 2 million race

    Here’s another new competition – every month, 2 million loyalty points will be split between 40 winners. You must complete various challenges, such as referring a friend, calling a full house on the pound sign pattern, and depositing £50 in one day.

    Jingle all the way

    Your pockets will be jingling if you play the £20,000 Christmas Sleigh games. In total, there are 20 games with £1000 jackpot guaranteed running from December 1st to December 20th. With every multipass you buy, you’ll get one free card to each of the 20 games, but you must move faster than Rudolph with a rocket up his bottom, because the offer ends on November 17.

    Attention all Scorpios

    If it’s your birthday this month, you will get 20 free cards to the Scorpio Zodiac Game. Put your faith in the star signs, and you could win a £500 full house, with 20 free cards for the next game. Four lines pay £300, and three lines pay £150.

    Multiply your moolah

    Heads up – it’s time to make free cash, and all you need to do is become a member of Gold Medal Bingo. Sign ASAP for a 200% deposit bonus, and then it’s on to indulge in over 6000 free games, chat games, and amost generous VIP bingo scheme called BFF Forever.


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