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    888 Ladies has the great offers that girls require. If you love online bingo, and you happen to be a fully signed up member of 888 Ladies Bingo, then come and take a peek at their Jackpotland £10,000 promotion.

    Funded Players

    Jackpotland £10,000 will run from Monday November 9, until December 26. Players are entitled to buy a total of up to 96 cards per game, and no less than 2 cards per game. There are six games played, and they are only open to funded players.

    jackpot land

    Snowy Game

    The very first game takes place on December 2, at 8pm. The Snowy £1,000 game costs 15p a pop, and features full house, 2 lines, and one line prizes of £800, £150, and £50. Then, on December 9, the Ice Crystal £1,000 game takes place. This game offers 15p tickets, and players can expect to win £700 for a full house, with all 1TG players pocketing £300 a pop.with a £600 full house prizes, a £100 four-line prize,and £100 3-line, 2-line, and 1-line prizes.

    Snowflake Game

    The Snowflake games takes place on December 16, and features 15p ticket prices, with a £600 full house prize, a £100 four-line prize,and £100 3-line, 2-line, and 1-line prizes. On Christmas Eve, the Sparkling £2,200 game will be played. Like the other games, it also takes place at 8pm. This game costs 20p a pop, and features prizes of £1,500 for a full house, £300 for 2-lines, £200 for a single line, and £200 for 1TG finishers.

    Christmas & Boxing Day

    Play on Christmas Day, and you can join the Magical £3,000 game. This bingo game offers you 25p ticket prices, as well as prizes of £2,000, £500, £300, and £200 for full house, 2-line, 1-line, and 1TG finishers. Then on Boxing Day it all comes to an end. You can claim £1,400 with a full house, whilst there is a £400 bonus for one-line winners. Tickets cost 20p in this final game.

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