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    Mecca Bingo works tirelessly to make sure you get the best bingo games and promotions. The latest coup for this site is a themed bingo game and it is based on the 1980’s TV game show – Blockbuster. This is the best bingo on the block and like the game show it features letters not numbers that are called. The beauty of this game is it also offers a community type prize and this makes them one of the first UK bingo sites to offer this prize.

    This is 75 ball bingo and the bingo card is market with letters; when the letters are called, the player marks them off in columns and rows. There are two prizes to win and if the first five balls called spells BINGO, the Community Prize is triggered. This is shared between all the members in the room who have bought bingo tickets into the game being played and it is shared according to the amount of bingo tickets they have bought. This keeps thinks nice and fair as the more bingo tickets you have bought, the better you are rewarded. The community prize is a stunning £5 000! The same player is able to win both prizes if they complete both the row and the column, so I am betting this game will give you a run for your money.

    The all new and exclusive Blockbuster Bingo at Mecca looks sure to become a big hit. It is different and fresh and they give away generous cash prizes. There is a 1TG Gold Run which is a bonus round, so why not pay them a visit and be one of the first to play – at the end of the game the 1TG players get their chance to play in the Gold Run?
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