Glorious Bingo Awakes From Hibernation

    Grab it while you can, Glorious Bingo has actually awoken from hibernation and is offering a promotion to celebrate the launch of the World Cup. If you don’t get it at Glorious, you will find it at any one of their other 59 cloned online bingo sites, including Champagne, 888 Bingo, Bingo Fabulous and more.

    With the Boys away to the land of Nelson Mandela, they are also offering you ladies a chance to score. Like Glorious Bingo says this is a “gargantuan life-changing event”. What I am saying I; does it actually have to take an event of this magnitude to get you off your butts?

    Never mind, my complaints aside; to celebrate, they have £7,000 worth of goal scoring prizes up for grabs. The promotion is innovatively named (sic) Bingo Football Frenzy and takes place just as imaginatively between the 11th June and 11th July 2010. They have a £5000 Jackpot up for grabs as well as an extra £1 000 for !TG’s and another £1000 worth of goodies up for grabs including a 42” inch LCD TV and £250 worth of holiday vouchers.

    Get the goal into the net by scoring points, you have to get 300 points for a bingo ticket into the Grand Final game for the £5,000 cup prize and this takes place on Sunday July 11th 2010 at 7:30pm, pay for tickets and you will pay £2 each. 1TG players share the £1,000 prize and top bingo players on the leader board get a look in on the tangible prizes.
    Glorious Bingo
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    Glorious Bingo

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